The general objective is to support actions and dialogue aimed at maintaining human rights standards and the rule of law, also at a time of the war on terror. This includes data collection and research on the application of the death penalty in Egypt, Somalia and Tunisia.

This data will be used in meetings, workshops and trainings for specific target groups, aiming at awareness-building and enhanced knowledge of international standards and national, regional and international legal avenues, as well as the establishment or implementation of a moratorium on or a reduction of the application of the death penalty.

Specific objectives are:

  • monitoring and documenting death penalty cases;
  • monitoring and documenting detention conditions, especially on death row;
  • documenting traditional and religious approaches as an alternative to the death penalty;
  • raising awareness of target groups on international standards regarding the death penalty and improve their capacities in dealing with capital cases and fair and impartial trials;
  • enhance public access to relevant information on the use of the death penalty and its pros and cons;
  • supporting legal reforms to introduce moratorium, abolish or restrict the use of the death penalty.