The implementing partners of this project wish to forge a strong alliance with national, regional and global actors in the target countries for the full implementation of the Rule of Law and international human rights standards.

The main aim is not the immediate abolition of the death penalty but to engage in a meaningful, transparent and inclusive dialogue and build a relation of trust in which options and responses to terrorism and related crimes can be discussed in all openness, to enhance knowledge and awarness of all actors involved in the struggle against terrorism and the States’ commitment to uphold human rights standards: Government officials, Members of Parliament, Magistrates, Correctional Facilities and their staff, traditional and religious leaders, Civil Society Organizations, families of victims, families of suspects, and detainees themselves.

Through concrete actions, the project aims to enhance awareness and implementation of international human rights norms and best practices regarding the death penalty, remedy and reparation, due process and fair trials and detention conditions. It aims to

Particular attention will be payed to and learn from the traditional practices vis-à-vis these issues, which often propose a positive and inclusive approach to conflict resolution.

The implementing partners believe that the experience in the target countries will prove extremely valuable also for other countries.