In dialogue with the competent authorities, the implementing partners wish to undertake the following actions:

  • Data collection on death row inmates;
  • Visiting prisons to ascertain the general conditions of detention for death row inmates;
  • Creating a database documenting the application of death penalty in individual cases and conditions of detention;
  • Researches on mental and physical effects of solitary confinement and length of time spent on death row;
  • Researches on positive traditional approaches to avoid the death penalty;
  • Trainings on international standards on the death penalty and fair and impartial trial;
  • Facilitating inclusive stakeholders dialogue on the death penalty;
  • Drafting model legislations to contain or suspend the death penalty;
  • Providing legal aid and assistance to death penalty cases who may be challenged before national, regional or international, jurisdictions and UN human rights bodies and mechanisms;
  • Urgent actions and media campaigns on most relevant cases.