29 April 2019: a Somali military court on Monday sentenced a police officer to death, after he was found guilty of murdering a civilian in Mogadishu on 6th January, this year. In a ruling read out on a state-run broadcasting Television, the court found the policeman, Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed, guilty of deliberately shooting to death a passenger bus driver, Mohamed Ismail at Siinka Dheere area, outside the capital.

“The Court sentences the police officer to death after finding him guilty of killing Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed on 6th January of this year,” said Mohamud Hussein, a judge at the first-degree military court. He added that there had been another unarmed civilian among the people onboard the bus, who sustained serious injuries in the shooting. The court further stripped the officer of his rank in the Somali Police Force (SPF) before sentencing him to death.

The military court often carries out sentences and executions to Al-Shabaab militants and government soldiers, who commit crimes despite condemnation from human rights groups, including the European Union (EU).

Source: Garowe Online


Military court sentence police officer to death for killing a civilian